Equipment List

Ski-Touring Equipment List

Group Kit

Glacier Travel / Steep Terrain

* Items I can loan you

Client Equipment -summer alpinism checklist.

O rucsac 35-45 ltrs*, plastic bag/ rain cover

O boots: semi rigid, waterproofed, N.B. comfortable!

O crampons*

O ice Axe*

O trekking poles (optional)

O harness* + screwgate karabiner*

O prussiks,* long sling (120cm),* karabiner(s)*

O helmet* (for climbing)

O gaiters

O socks + spare pr.

O trekking trousers

O overtrousers

O thermal base layer + spare e.g. T-shirt

O mid layer/shirt

O fleece/ extra warm layer

O jacket, water/windproof with hood

O warm hat, sun hat

O sunglasses for strong sun

O gloves

O skin + lip sun protection

O head torch

O water bottle (min. 1ltr)

O wash kit(lightweight),p basic first aid/blister kit, ear plugs

O sheet liner

O Alpine club card, passport/ID, credit card, money, travel and insurance documents

phone/camera/charger, lightweight reading matter, glasses

* items I can loan you. Please indicate your requirements.